Running / Trail - Triathlon in the vallée d'Ossau 

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There are numerus opportunities to run from the valey to the moutains. Each wek-end in summer you will find each village fair holding its own mountain race in a friendly atmosphere.


Should you wish to prepare your season or a specific race in your season, come here with your training program. We can promiss you that here your daily routine will be train, eat, rest, train, eat, rets again and again! After a week of dedicated intense training you will be flying when you are back home. Both, Nick and I have the experience of competition so you can lean on us to provide you with the right support. And you will have too much muscles aches, we will book you a spa and massage at Spa Montagne in Laruns.


Please note that Running holidays are not « inclusive packages » unless you specify it and that B&B needs to be booked.


Le Challenge d'Ossau

The Challenge d'Ossau is well known an consists in 4 races between May and august. You can participate only in some of the races but to be classified in the Challenge, you need to run the 4 races. 

  • 15 mai - La Ronde du Pic de Rebeneca - 15 km
  • 29 mai - Lo Petit Aussales (Arudy à Eaux Bonnes) - 20.6 km, 350m difference in altitude
  • 26 juin - L'ossaloise (Louvie-Juzon à Laruns par la montagne) - 25km920m dénivelé. La course passe devant le chalet !
  • 21 août - La Montee de l'Aubisque (Laruns au col de l'Aubisque) -18.7km, 1207m dénivelé

Local races - Trails 

Hereafter a selection of local races. For any other race in Aquitaine, contact :  

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July Grand Trail de la Vallée d'Ossau Laruns_Louvie-Juzon_Laruns –

Each year GREEN BIKE PYRENEES is partner of the GTVO

Triathlon and Duathlon

Dates to come for 2018

Each year GREEN BIKE PYRENEES is partner of the GTVO Triathlon de Baudreix organised each year by the Triathlon club “La Tribu” in Nay.